Modular Insulated concrete core -
advanced and optimized panelized
production system



MICADO proposes the development of a new advanced production system for buildings, comprising components produced on autonomous manufacturing facilities and simply assembled on site.


• Development of a geometric system
• New structural system
• High performance and precise thermal and acoustic characteristics
• New connections and compatibility with complementary systems


The smart choice of materials and geometric morphologies will allow highly productive mass manufacturing, safeguarding increased environmental sustainability and unparalleled cost reduction for the construction industry. The energy efficiency ensuing from the structure and characteristics of the components, associated with the low probability of construction errors occurrence, will allow, in the use phase, highly energy-efficient and, consequently,
ecofriendly buildings.


Important social impacts will be ensured by the possibility to construct high-quality and energy-efficient buildings, with much lower costs and deadlines than the market average, enabling more citizens to purchase and live in ecofriendly buildings throughout the building’s lifecycle. The system will also reduce the complexity of the building’s acquisition and construction process. Software will be developed to allow customers to design, budget and order their ideal home, with definitive prices and deadlines. Furthermore, an intelligent logistics software will be developed, which will integrate orders with component stocks and delivery procedures.


The consortium also considers that the construction industry does not give the due importance to the making of healthy building environments. Thus, an innovative and modular indoor air quality monitoring system will be developed, 100% integrated with the MICADO system, enabling healthy buildings in a simple, safe and affordable way.




Coordinating Team

Project MICADO is a pragmatic initiative that seeks to adapt some of the technological advances in the manufacturing industry to the construction industry, with an aim to converge the productivity indices of the latter with the industry average. It approaches the problem through a myriad of sensibilities and competencies: manufacturing, software, sustainable energy production, and healthy construction.

Nelson Bento Pereira

Project director

The University of Tras-os-Montes e Douro is developing the structural evaluation of the innovative solutions proposed for the MICADO system. This evaluation includes the implementation of analytical and numerical methods to verify safety for normal design conditions. On the other hand, the constructive provisions that must always follow good design practices for steel and reinforced concrete structures will be evaluated. The solutions will be laboratory tested to ascertain the main mechanical characteristics of the main structural elements. It is also important to determine the production, transportation and assembly costs of the constructive solutions developed. Additionally, a comparison will be made between the costs of the new constructive solutions and the costs of a traditional reinforced concrete structure. This way, it is intended to evaluate whether it is possible to combine a solution with a smaller ecological footprint with an economically attractive solution for consumers. The sustainability profile of the adopted system will be developed, creating an environmental profile that will allow a life cycle analysis.

Cristina Reis

Scientific Coordinator - UTAD

The Polytechnic Institute of Bragança is responsible for the development of an intelligent online design platform with 2D modeling and 3D visualization. The platform is composed of an intelligent assistant to support the modeling of the building, through recommendations of the most suitable building modules for the project requirements, through artificial intelligence models for determining the system limits in terms of size, structural strength and configurations, as well as architectural rules that allow stylizing the model with the application of textures, decorative elements and lighting. The platform will also allow the calculation of the project budget with itemized costs and will include an intelligent logistics module to allow the optimization of the components’ delivery in containers for sea or road transportation.

Paulo Alves

Scientific Coordinator - IPB


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Project Micado

Modular Insulated concrete core - advanced and optimized
panelized production system